Vertical Integration

The monitoring of the supply chain is the basis on which we have founded our development strategy. We take care of our tomatoes from sowing, carefully supervising each stage. Our team works with farmers, monitoring seed growth in nurseries. Farmers select the most suitable areas for transplanting, on the basis of previous crops rotations and soil characteristics.


Our tomatoes are grown with a special technique, the”mulching”: a plastic sheet, with a circular hole around each tomato plant, is placed on the ground before transplanting. As the plant grows,the plastic protects the tomatoes from being in direct contact with the soil, preserving all their natural sweetness. Manual harvesting helps ensure compliance to our high quality standards.

Training and customer care

The standard process includes many steps of pre-selection, washing and careful selection done by hand. Each staff member has been carefully trained and has been involved in these same operations for many years.

La Regina di San Marzano di Antonio Romano S.p.A. exports large quantities of processed product. The main export strategy, which makes it the undisputed leader in the foreign market is to guarantee the delivery of the ordered quantity “delivered at place” that is up to the customer’s warehouse, without the latter having to worry about how to pick up the goods, once arrived at the port of destination.