Business growth

The company has seen, especially over the past five years, an exponential growth in their turnovert, especially thanks to the increase in sales of pasta sauces.
This is the result of a market that has been able to recognize and appreciate the product more and more: hence the sudden growth trend after the first phase of investment in pasta sauce production lines (2000-2010) and the subsequent entry phases (2010- 2015) and consolidation (2015-2018).

The increase in demand has lead to a substantial expansion of the industrial plant: in 2020 the production capacity of the sauce line has been tripled, and in 2021 the line of tomato canning, meant to be reworked for sauce production, has been more than doubled.

Constant innovation

The new technologically advanced equipment is able to increase the level of flexibility in the performance of the company’s economic activity, with the minimization of processing waste, the efficiency of energy consumption, the improvement of the environmental impact and the optimization of workspaces and company logistic organization.